Art Consultants

Bill Wyland

Bill is the founder of Bill Wyland Galleries International, the Wyland Collections Hawaii Stores and Bill Wyland Holdings, which is an angel investment company that helps companies build out global sales and marketing channels and joint publishing, printing, media, electric vehicle and technology sectors. From 1988 to 1995 Mr. Wyland built the Wyland Art Galleries from a start up company to 14 locations throughout Hawaii on all four major Hawaiian Islands and the biggest art group in the state. Today, the Wyland Gallery is one of the most known and recognized art gallery names in the United States with over 40 family owned or distributor owned and operated galleries throughout the country.

Jeff Holle

Jeff is an art consultant at Bill Wyland galleries. In this role Jeff specializes in customer satisfaction, and listening to the clients needs. Ultimately it comes down to his connection with the client and his passion for art to help the client find their ideal perfect piece of artwork.

Tani West

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Tani West was raised in Salt Lake City, UT now lives and works in Lahaina Maui. Tani is an art consultant for Bill Wyland Galleries, she has a passion for helping people select and acquire art for their home, business, or collection.

Success to me is that moment when I watch a client find excitement and passion and fall in love with a work of art.