Andrea Everhart Biography

As a young adult Andrea was blessed with an opportunity to be able to attend a local collage sculpture class, this is where her passion changed from working with paint to clay. "It was this opportunity that fueled my desire for more education." Andrea began to attend a small school in california where she took classes that landed her a job at a bronze foundry. She quickly became fascinated with the intricate steps of the casting process.

Now after a decade of working in foundries Andrea is able to do almost the entire casting process, from molds and wax work, to welding and metal work. As an artist residing in Arizona, Andrea struggled with finding her passion to sculpt until she was hired to help sculpt a Hawaiian figure for an artist and fell in love with the unique theme. She found herself on an amazing journey to the Hawaiian Islands where Andria absorbed the beauty of the culture. Some design elements are traditional and others are contemporary designs of today.

"It is my hope that this art will find homes with those who dream about having their toes in the sand watching the waves, or for those who have cherished memeories of the simplicity and beauty of Hawaii."