Arozi Biography


Philippine-born Arozi is a self-taught artist who began drawing at an early age. Now living in Australia, he has gained international renown for painting passionate seascapes that showcase the translucent light of the ocean and the transparent light of the sky.

Arozi defines his style as realism based on fantasy, and his art as a quest to capture the ocean's magnificence and the light that illuminates it.

He uses both real and fictional locations for his settings, blending light and shadow to depict the breaking waves of the sea against the sky. He employs the technique of glazing: superimposing thin layers of paint atop each other to achieve a rich depth of color.

The storms that have churned the world's seas in recent years have inspired an evolution in Arozi's artwork and his palette. In his sailboat series he strives to communicate the exhilaration and challenge of sailing through an unexpected storm. His series featuring stormy shorelines uses dark colors to emphasize the ocean's turbulence and evoke the sense of a tempest.

All paintings are original oil on canvas.