Henry Asencio Biography

"Abstract Expressionism" or "Abstract Realism"? Asencio's work can not be pigeonholed by style or semantics. His open brushwork, sweeping color, use of texture and precise drawing skills have resulted in a body of work that has earned him international accolades.

Asencio earned a living as a portrait artist early in his career, today he is "more concerned with creating a mood and pushing aesthetic rather than achieving a true likeness as the ultimate end." Asencio refers to the current content of his work as "sublime figures with aggressive application." He is naturally drawn to paint the human figure for its "timeless sensitivity" and, he adds, "nothing inspries me more intesely than the female form." His artwork is noted for its sensual vitality that is striking and simple; it is art that "sustains its integrity through the subtleties."
Asencio has recently begun to paint on board, as the surface is more resilient to his aggressie painting style. The artist prefers to work in oild as "nothing compares to the richness and workability of the oil medium and it fits my technique perfectly."

Today the artist lives and works in his studio near San Jose, north of his birth place of Los Angeles.