Chris Gutzeit

Multidimensional Mixed Media Original
23 x 23 in


CHRIS GUTZEIT Since his upbringing in Hawaii to his current residence in Santa Barbara, California, Chris Gutzeit has viewed art as a portrayal of spiritual and environmental awareness. Utilizing interior lighting and reflective glass throughout “The Art of Satori” collection, Chris stimulates a world of meanings and emotions, allowing parallels and interpretations to belong to the eye of each individual. Each piece is an exquisite sculpture by day that transforms into a stunning jewel of light by night. His collections have been displayed at a wide range of public and private art exhibitions throughout the United States. With an art scholarship from BYU-Hawaii, Chris gained inspiration through the disciplines of sculpture and painting. Influenced by his father’s passion towards the marine world and his mother’s dedication towards ‘mind, body, heart and spirit’, Chris learned to channel his creative energy into his artistic endeavors. A natural craftsman and outdoor adventurer, Chris has organically combined his hands-on style and Fine Arts education, in the process, unraveling a new dimension of artistic expression. His fresh perspective can be seen in his unique ability to incorporate natural elements throughout the framework of each piece. Disciplines through the lessons of surfing and kitesurfing and having the privilege of assisting numerous marine institutes, Chris strives to strengthen the bond between humankind and ‘mother-nature’. After spending over twenty-eight years in the outdoors of the North Shore of Hawaii, Chris and his family returned to California to be close to his grandparents. As an active member of the Santa Barbara community, Chris takes pride in promoting environmental awareness and natural wildlife and allows this passion to be reflected throughout the landscape of his artwork.

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