Gloria Lee

Sunkissed Original
Acrylic on Canvas
10 x 8 in


Artist Gloria Lee’s new painting series, Floral Splendor, celebrates the giving life force of the flower. Loose brush strokes, simple forms, and vibrant, contrasting colors characterize her art. Rejecting the careful shading and color transitions of botanical illustrations in favor of a fresh look, she candidly declares the role of artistic interpretation to be more important than careful accuracy. Lee paints what she feels. She paints her emotions, her passions, and her interpretation of what the flowers represent. After 40 years of artistic exploration, Lee has a working knowledge of color application and balance. Whether she is working in a modern “Pop” style, abstraction, realism, or impressionism, she begins with an observation of feeling or mood of the subject. She applies her colors with a sensitive hand and utilizes textures to help create a mood. Lee’s variety of brushstrokes evokes a strong emotion and, by changing the direction of brushstrokes, she is able to add character, movement, energy, and life to the painting. The artist states, “How I paint is not nearly as important as how the viewer feels about what they see. If they are not uplifted or inspired, the art is worthless, in my opinion.” Lee is an artist that has realized success on many levels. She is the creator of POP DOGS, a line of over 50 breed-specific dog paintings. Gloria has conducted dozens of personal exhibitions across the United States, from the New York Art Expo and Los Angeles gift shows, to San Diego’s ArtWalk festivals.

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P.O. Box 25065
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